Population & Culture

Kwania District is located in Northern Uganda, approximately 284 km (direct) from Kampala. It lies between longitudes 32.7, E34o 43’27.708 E and latitudes 1.99763 N 1o 59’51.474. It is bordered by the Districts of Kole in the North, Dokolo in the East, Apac in the West and Amolatar District in the South through Lake Kwania. The District covers a total area of 1,108 km2 of which 11% is under open water while 15% is under forests leaving 76% for human settlement. The District Headquarters is situated in Aduku TC, 22kms to the East of Apac district, along Apac - Lira Road


Population Distribution; Generally, there is uneven distribution of population in the district. Majority of the population amounting to 96 percent are in the rural areas while only 4 percent are urban-based, with a population density of 125 persons/ kms and with a population of 184,304 people (census, 2014) of which male are 89,643 and female are 93,661, with a house hold of 35,247, of which 22% females headed household (Census 2014); and nearly a half of the population is below 18 years.                                                                                                                           

Age Structure; Kwania District generally has a young population with 16.7% of its population below 5 years. Children (below 18 years) constitute 56%. About half of the populations are between 15 and 65 years, 50% of whom are youth between 18 to 30 years of age while only 3.6% are aged 65 years and above.